Woman outraged by Wendy’s employee’s allegedly ‘petty’ move: ‘This is uncalled for’

Katie Mather-Wed, March 31, 2021, 8:00 AM

A TikTok user is learning a tough lesson after ordering a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s and allegedly getting way more than she expected.

Crysten Chyonn posted a video on TikTok explaining that she had ordered a chicken sandwich with extra mayo from Wendy’s, but the drive-thru attendant allegedly kept getting her order wrong. So, the TikToker started to get frustrated.

“I go to Wendy’s and I ask them for a chicken sandwich combo with extra mayo — mind you, it comes with lettuce and tomato already on there,” Chyvonn said in her video. “The lady kept getting my order wrong. I open this up when I get to the house — look at this s***.”

Chyvonn unwrapped her sandwich and lifted the top bun of the sandwich to reveal an enormous amount of mayonnaise — and no lettuce and tomato. 

“Gonna drive right back up there and go off on her,” Chyvonn said. 

The video has since racked up 4.5 million views. The clip’s comments section seemed split between defending fast food workers and arguing that the extra must’ve been an intentionally “petty” move.

“Go off because you got what you asked for. Hm,” one user wrote

“This is why you shouldn’t give them attitude,” another added.

“Why would they choose to be petty and ruin [her] day,” another wrote.

In a follow-up video, Chyvonn defended herself and claimed that the women working the drive-thru at the time “gave her an attitude,” and kept mishearing her order.

“When I pulled up to the window they even said, ‘Woah, this is uncalled for, can we offer you a sundae?’” Chyvonn said.  

“I never pointed fingers at the drive-thru lady,” Chyvonn wrote in the clip’s caption. “I took my sandwich back and showed them and the girl in the back was laughing.”

Overall, Chyvonn has had a sense of humor about the situation. Days after the debacle at Wendy’s, she posted another TikTok with the hashtag #pstd. It showed how she discovered a Wendy’s chicken sandwich in her daughter’s room. 

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