Vivica A. Fox Celebrates 57th Birthday with Pool Party: ‘Happiness Is Key to Feeling Good in the Skin I’m In!’

Vanessa Etienne-Wed, July 28, 2021

Vivica A. Fox Celebrates Birthday with Sponcon Party

Vivica A. Fox is having “summer fun in the sun” as she gears up for her birthday.

On Friday, the actress celebrated her upcoming 57th birthday on July 30 surrounded by friends and family for a pool party hosted at her new Los Angeles home by Good Carma Studios. Fox tells PEOPLE that she was excited to host everyone at her new place.-

“I usually go to Montego Bay, Jamaica to celebrate with my older brother Marvin, who’s born on the same day as me, with family and friends. But, in L.A., I do big blowout parties for milestone celebrations,” she says. “I invited my girlfriends from Orange County, who I’ve known since I was in college, and my BFF L.A. girls squad, and my makeup and hair ladies.”

Before hitting the pool, Fox rocked a green-and-pink swimdress from her favorite store, Bell of California, paired with Steve Madden shoes and Candy Ice jewelry.

Vivica A. Fox Celebrates Birthday with Sponcon Party

She then changed into a plunging fuchsia one-piece with embellished neckline for the pool party, and loved having a matching “pretty in pink” moment with the littlest guest at the party.

So what’s the secret to feeling yourself when wearing a swimsuit in a room full of people?

“I was surrounded by my girlfriends who love me and I’ve been working out and watching my diet for my upcoming Jamaica trip,” Fox says. “Confidence and happiness is the key to feeling good in the skin I’m in!”

And of course, you’ve got to master the tricks to a killer swimsuit shot: “Knowing your angles and getting that golden sun light in front of you, not behind you

Though different from her typical birthday celebration, the actress enjoyed spending time and relaxing with loved ones, saying her favorite moment was the “‘toast’ with all my besties in the pool celebrating a new year of health and happiness,” with boozy pops by Slim Chillers, adding “It took me back to the summer days of having popsicles with my friends.”

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