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Latest News VH2 Networks inks deal with wildly hilarious Reality TV Show, Meet The Triplett’s!…

VH2 Networks inks deal with wildly hilarious Reality TV Show, Meet The Triplett’s!
Coming 2018

APRIL 9, 2018

Some say Daryll is very controlling, in a good way and likes things his way, and it’s pretty much his way or the highway! As a 25 year Police veteran and a father of ten (10), its either that or he may use his gun, in a bad way! Daryll, is also a stand up comedian, entrepreneur, and the TV-host of “Real Talk with Officer Keep It Real”. ​You will find its always a circus in the house, at 47 Daryll doesn’t know if he is “over the hill” to express his self creatively, this family is a tough crowd, you would think they would be more supportive of their father the source of income for video games, iPods, robots and God knows what else, but not so much!

All (12) members of this family has their own alter ego. They show family unity and (how they make family decisions and over come obstacles.

The Triplett’s are a blended family with 10 kids and two headstrong entrepreneurs leading the bunch.

Here is our lineup starting with:

Daryll Triplett: 47 years old aka Head of Family / Comedian / Businessman

Lisa Triplett: 38 years old aka Mother of the House / Ms. No Nonsense / Businessman

Donovan: 28 years old aka Mr. Can’t Get Right

DJ: 21 years old aka Loves to Trick

Daryll Jr.: 20 years old aka Mr. Undecided

Devontae: 19 years old aka The Gamer

Dylan: 19 years old aka The Actor

Mya: 18 years old aka The Singer/Producer

Serenity: 18 years old aka The Baller

Deondre: 17 years old aka The Beat Master

Dontae: 16 years old aka The YouTuber

VH2 Networks would like to welcome Bon Voyage to the Single Life

MARCH 31, 2018

Bon Voyage to the Single Life is a show about 5 women over the age of 60 getting back into the dating scene with the help of 5 coaches that partner with the ladies to say Bon Voyage to the Single Life!

Power House TV Station VH2 Welcomes Club 360 to the Network

MARCH 30, 2018

Dorothy Spaulding take the flagship program of WBPI-49 to a new level with the addition of Club 36 to the Watchmen Network. Club 36 is a mix of testimonies, gospel music, Bible trivia, cooking shows, on the road specials, and more.

Past guests have included Evangelist Richard Roberts, Myles Monroe, Dr. Mike Murdock, Dr. Don Colbert, Benny Hinn, and prophecy teacher Perry Stone just to name a few. Special nights have included musical presentations from area churches, a discussion of traditional Jewish customs a night of testimonies with motorcycle ministers and so much more. No two nights of Club 36 are ever the same.

Take time to enjoy some southern hospitality with the citizens of Augusta, Georgia, as well as nationally-known evangelists and musicians as they present the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Club 36 every day on Roku.

MARCH 29, 2018

Power House Production Company chooses Nikon D7500: ​In today’s ever so challenging world of video production VH2 Networks executives is pleased to announce that they have decided to purchase the   Nikon D7500 4K camera for all of their high end production and tough excruciating video shooting needs!

Keep It Real

MARCH 29, 2018

Get ready for an ear blowing, mind blasting piece of reality from Daryll Triplett a real live police officer that really doesn’t give a damn about decorum, sensitivity training or the big blue wall of silence.

This sixty minute Talk-Show, hosted by a real Police Officer for 25 years, Daryll Triplett, his co-host Net-Bee, Sgt. Peace and Kee-Mac as they talk straight about Real Issues, Real Problems and Real Solutions of the world (with a comedy twist).

Each episode will deliver a candid look at the worlds day-to-day major news events – that promise to be anything but normal. Uncovering the reality that it takes to maintain a badge and keep his sanity as he struggles to uphold the law and make since of the craziness.

6375 Regency Pkwy.​Suite 710​​
Norcross, GA. 30071​


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