NYC man who rescued boy from Rottweiler says child and his brothers shouldn’t have been left alone with dog


To rescue a dying toddler, a frightened Brooklyn man had to go face to face with a vicious killer dog whose violent mission was to keep strangers outside the home he was trained to guard.

Armed with a shovel he found in the hallway and a courage that surprised even him, Dionald Zephir managed to keep the snarling animal at bay while he snatched the bleeding boy away from the determined dog that had savagely attacked the child, left alone with his two young brothers while their father was away at work Tuesday night.

But the damage had already been done. Little Ryan Foster died a short time later.

Zephir, 43, said he was walking along a Flatbush street, tired after a strenuous workout, when two boys hysterically approached him screaming something about a dog in their home trying to kill their baby brother.

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“It didn’t really click exactly what they were trying to say in the beginning,” Zephir told the Daily News.

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