Master P says his biopic, ‘Ice Cream Man: King of the South,’ is up ‘next’

RACHEL GEORGE-Thu, December 31, 2020, 9:29 AM EST

After reports have been circulating about hip-hop star Percy “Master P” Miller looking to become an owner of the sneaker brand, Reebok, fans on social media are calling for an official biopic about the entertainer.

So what’s next for the rapper-turned-serial entrepreneur?

“The biopic will be coming next,” P told ABC Audio. “I wanted people to know my story. So when you watch the biopic, you’re going to know this stuff is real. Then you’re gonna get a chance to go on a journey with the character and be like, ‘oh, I remember that story from the docu[-series].'”

“But being able to see it on a big screen and being able to know it, I think it’s just gonna make the biopic even bigger,” he continued. “So salute to all my fans for supporting the movement and thank you, guys.”

This past summer, BET gave fans a glimpse into Master P’s successful No Limit empire on the docuseries, “No Limit Chronicles.”

The series documents his journey from humble beginnings to rap pioneer, while building an empire that would change the scope of hip-hop, starting with his independent label, No Limit Records.

Since the ’90s, the New Orleans emcee has expanded his empire into various business endeavors in fashion, sports and more, including Uncle P’s food products.

Casting for Master P’s biopic, which will reportedly be titled, “Ice Cream Man: King of the South,” began in 2017.

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