Lost wallet used as bait to lure alleged meth dealer into an arrest, Florida cops say

TJ Macias-Mon, September 28, 2020, 7:05 PM EDT

What happens when a cyclist finds a wallet with $500 and turns it over to the sheriff? A story worthy of a TV crime episode.

After handing the wallet over to the Polk County Sheriff Office’s in Winter Haven, Florida, authorities discovered that the wallet belonged toSean Edwards, a suspected drug trafficker who was wanted for selling methamphetamine, a post on the official Sheriff’s Facebook page said.

Deputies then tricked Edwards into meeting officers at a local convenience store to give him back the wallet.

“When Sean arrived, he was promptly arrested and searched,” the Facebook past said. “He had more than $3,000 in his pants pocket (obviously because he didn’t have a wallet), bundle of clear baggies, and a trafficking amount of meth. Who would thunk a guy with a trafficking in Meth warrant would show up with a trafficking amount of Meth?”

According to Fox 10, this wasn’t Edward’s first entanglement with the law; he has been arrested at least 19 times.

Authorities concluded their Facebook post with an air of optimism.

“Sean will finally get his wallet back when he’s released. Whenever that will be. It’s in a brown paper bag in inmate property.”

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