Justice Sotomayor targeted by gunman who killed federal judge’s son

Keydra Manns-Fri, February 19, 2021, 5:43 PM

Judge Esther Salas is working toward passing legislation that would erase all personal information of judges from the Internet.

The gunman who attacked US District Court Judge Esther Salas’ family possibly had Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on his list.

In a CBS 60 Minutes interview set to air Sunday, Salas says documents were found in a locker used by the gunman, which could insinuate Roy Den Hollander had additional plans.

“They found another gun, a Glock, more ammunition. But the most troubling thing they found was a manila folder with a workup on Justice Sonia Sotomayor,” said Salas.

According to CNNJames Duff, past director of the Administrative Office of the US Courts, told Congress there were about 4,449 threats in 2019 and the number increased from 2015.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman said she can “not discuss security as a matter of court policy.”

Salas is working toward passing legislation that would erase all personal information of judges from the Internet.

“Who knows what could have happened?” Salas said to CBS. “But we need to understand that judges are at risk. That we put ourselves in great danger every day for doing our jobs.”

As reported by theGrioHollander had a history of abuse toward women. He was a self-described “anti-feminist” and men’s rights attorney who targeted U.S. District Judge Salas in an online book.

theGrio previously reported that the Salas family was attacked when a gunman fired upon their home in July 2020. Twenty-year-old Daniel Anderl was shot when he opened the door to Hollander, who was allegedly dressed in a FedEx uniform. He later died. His father, Mark Anderl was also injured in the attack.

Judge Salas was in the basement during the attack and was not injured, NBC New York reported.

CNN reported that her son opened the door with his father “right behind” and Hollander greeted them with a “hail of gunfire.”

In his online memoir, Hollander calls Salas “a lazy and incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama.” He also admits to being attracted to her and that he “wanted to ask the Judge out, but thought she might hold me in contempt.”

Elsewhere in the virtual book, Hollander criticizes her handling of a 2015 case in which he was an attorney who challenged “the military’s male-only draft,” ABC News reported.

In another passage about Salas, he wrote:

Female judges didn’t bother me as long as they were middle age or older black ladies. They seemed to have an understanding of how life worked and were not about to be conned by any foot-dragging lawyer. Latinas, however, were usually a problem—driven by an inferiority complex.

Hollander also makes cleat that, “Donald Trump was telling the truth about illegal aliens in his bid for the Presidency.”

He even filed a RICO lawsuit against a slew of media outlets and personalities over what he perceived as “negative coverage” of Trump. In his 1,700-page online manifesto, which he reportedly self-published this year, Hollander details his hatred of his mother and for women in general, and shares his rape fetish for the judge who presided over his divorce case.

Hollander once “sued the federal government over a law that protects women from violence,” according to the New York Times.

Roy Den Hollander was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, investigators confirmed on July 20.

Meanwhile, Salas is handling a class action lawsuit against Deutsche Bank brought by investors who allege that the bank failed to properly monitor high-risk customers including, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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