Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Love is Quirkier Than You Imagined

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have been married for only a couple of years, but their relationship has been developing for over a decade.

To an outsider, their love might seem a bit bizarre, but that’s sort of their signature.

To start off, the bohemian and coy Lisa Bonet is 12 years older than the energetic and wild Jason Momoa, but that’s not even the beginning of how different these two superstars are!

So let’s dive in and find out how their unique lifestyle and quirks have set a new record for relationship goals!

Shoot for the Stars

Jason Momoa was born in 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His big break came when he appeared in the fist season of Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. He later landed the role of Aquaman in the DC films and became a huge star.

His now wife, Lisa Bonet, was already a big star long before they met, though. She was born in 1967 in San Fransisco and became everyone’s favorite high-schooler with The Cosby Show back in the ‘80s.

In 1987, when Momoa was only 9 years old, Bonet married her first husband, Lenny Kravitz, with whom she welcomed her first daughter, Zoë Isabella Kravitz, in 1988.Shoot for the Stars

So how did this seemingly unlikely duo come together?

Before They Met

When you see two people madly in love, the first thing you want to know is how did they meet.

Directly after their wedding, Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, confessed his true feelings about his wife before they met on The Late Show with James Corden.

It all happened when he was a sweet, little eight-year-old boy innocently watching The Cosby Show with his mother. It truly was love at first “televised” sight, though, as he saw Lisa Bonet on screen and immediately said, “Mommy, I want that one.”Before They Met

It turns out that Lisa Bonet was one of Momoa’s first celebrity crushes, so how did he get lucky enough to marry her decades later?

Momoa Was Serious From the Start

Even though Momoa and Bonet didn’t meet until years later, his feelings for her were serious and intense.

He admitted to James Corden that when he saw his star crush on the television screen he said, “I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I’m going to get you.”

And as creepy as it might be, he was fully aware about it, and reassured the audience that he let Bonet know his true feelings only after having two kids together. He light-heartedly explained that it would have come off as “creepy and weird” if had he told her beforehand.Momoa Was Serious From the Start

So, how did they actually end up meeting in real life?

Guinness & Grits

We’re not sure to what extent Momoa was actually stalking Bonet, but their first real encounter was shocking to him.

He told James Corden that the two had mutual friends in common and they all had ended up in the same jazz club one night.

Once they bumped into each other, Momoa was super pumped and turned around to his friend and silently screamed “like a little girl.”

Even though he was initially in shock, he somehow “convinced her to take [him] home” since he was living in a hotel. Along the way, they ended up at a café where she ordered a Guinness (Momoa’s favorite drink) and he ordered grits.Guinness & Grits

Who would have thought they would instantly hit it off?

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

They say that copying is one of the highest forms of flattery.

Jason Momoa admitted that he actually grew out his hair because of his admiration for Lisa Bonet. “I actually dreaded my hair almost for her. I had huge dreadlocks, and she had dreadlocks”.

And although Momoa might have instigated some things, at the end of it all, everything just seemed to happen at the right place and time.Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

When they met, they instantly connected over the same hair style, but this turned out to be far more than a just a thing they had in common.

Lisa Bonet’s Deal-Breaker

As strong as Momoa’s and Bonet’s loving marriage is, everyone has a secret deal-breaker.

According to E! News, Momoa confessed his wife’s weakness – his hair!

“My wife would leave me if I cut my hair, so I just don’t cut my hair. I’m not cutting it for a while, I’ll tell you that much.”

So, if imitation truly is one of the highest forms of flattery, then it worked beyond belief! She is crazy about her husband’s wild, wavy hair.Lisa Bonet’s Deal-Breaker

However, hairstyles are just the start of their unique relationship.

Did the Two Get Married in 2007 or 2017?

There were a lot of speculations that Momoa and Bonet were married far before their actual wedding in 2017.

Technically, we can say that they were in a “common-law marriage”, but the fact that they were together for so long isn’t why people thought they were already hitched.

Asides from the fact that Momoa referred to Bonet as “wife” for about a decade before it became official, the two lovebirds had also been wearing some bling on their ring fingers for a while.

This had the people convinced that the lovebirds had tied the knot back in 2007, but they wanted to keep their real wedding on the DL.Did the Two Get Married in 2007 or 2017?

So, how did people find out about the real wedding?

Is Jason Momoa the New Liam Neeson?

The two lovebirds decided to make it “official” and get married in October 2017.

To the happy couple, their idea of marriage and a wedding is a bit different.

Instead of having a grand super-celebrity wedding, they wanted to keep the wedding a secret, and chose to host it at their California home.

They focused more on the idea of “celebrating [their] love” and with their family and close friends.

However, he was quite upset when he found out someone had leaked their ceremony to the press.

He told Entertainment Online that, “[I] haven’t had the chance to stalk someone down and find them yet — but I will.”Is Jason Momoa the New Liam Neeson?

Sounds like Jason Momoa might be the new Liam Neeson.

Tech-Free Zone

What makes Momoa and Bonet’s relationship so endearing is all of their quirks and bizarre lifestyle habits they share together.

Despite the fact that the two are both famous for their on-screen professions, they have chosen to have a TV-free home. The sole-reason is because Bonet want to encourage her children’s imagination to run wild and free.

There isn’t even one TV set in their house and Bonet also makes sure to put her phone away when she’s spending time with her kids.

However, every week the family pops a bowl of popcorn and watches Saturday Night Live on their one and only computer.Tech-Free Zone

Although TV-free, there is still plenty of entertainment around the house.

One Rumor That Was Confirmed as True

Once their wedding rumors ignited, more rumors about Momoa and Bonet personal life were bubbling up.

Word on the street was that Bonet was seen walking an unusual animal around their hometown.

Porter Magazine featured Lisa Bonet on a cover story about her rustic ranch styled home, and that’s when the truth came out.

“We hear a honking sound and Bonet’s face lights up. It’s her auburn donkey, Freya.” The reporter stated in the article.

It was finally confirmed that the Momoa-Bonet family, does in fact, own a donkey and takes her for walks around town, too!One Rumor That Was Confirmed as True

Freya wasn’t the only surprise to pop up, though.

Multiple Exotic Pets

Their auburn donkey Freya might not be the only exotic pet that the two lovebirds own.

They also have two beautiful “wolves”, Amba and Zion. These exotic canines are a mixed breed of half wolf and half malamute.

And to add another animal to the family, they also have a ball python living in the house.

Both Momoa-Bonet love their rural home and lifestyle in Topanga, California.

“I know people give Southern California a bad rap, but I love it here,” Bonet told the reporter for Porter Magazine, “You can create the life you want.”Multiple Exotic Pets

Unusual pets aren’t the only thing to keep the kiddos entertained, though!

Lisa Bonet’s Sanctuary

Their house has become much more than a property, it is Bonet’s “sanctuary”.

Bonet moved in to the house in 2003 with her beloved daughter, Zoë Kravitz, and ever since then has been creating a serene and fun environment for their growing family.

The laidback and in love couple have decorated their entry gate with colorful Tibetan prayer flags and pebble and bean mandalas along the path.

But more importantly, there are tons of entertainment units for everyone to enjoy, including an ax-throwing wall, climbing wall, skate ramp, and even a Native-American style teepee.Lisa Bonet’s Sanctuary

As great as it is to have such a fun home, how did Zoë feel about welcoming in a whole new family?

There’s No Need for Blood, Just Ink

It’s not always easy welcoming a new step-dad and two new half-siblings into your home.

However, Zoë Kravitz and Jason Momoa have a very special bond and are clearly very close with each other. Just check out either one of their social media pages; it’s heart-warming to see how much they love and support they have!

There’s no need for blood to connect the two of them, just ink. Momoa definitely earned the title of “the cool dad” and has a matching tattoo with Kravitz on their forearms. “Etre toujours ivre,” meaning “be always drunk”. Rumor has it that Bonet might have one too, but nothing has been confirmed.

We may not agree with their choice of words, but we are happy to see them connecting.There’s No Need for Blood, Just Ink

How does Lenny Kravitz, Zoë’s father, factor in to all of this, though?

One Big Happy Ohana

With all the rumors flying around about the couple, you would think there would also be some beef with Lisa Bonet’s ex-husband Lenny Kravitz. But alas, their relationship is wonderfully cordial.

Kravitz once even posted a black and white photo of himself hugging and laughing with Jason Momoa. The post caption reads: “Happy birthday brother. Love and respect always. Ohana ’til the end.”

“Ohana” refers to the Hawaiian word for “family”, and this sure seems like a big happy one!One Big Happy Ohana

Apparently, birthdays are the only holiday they celebrate together.

Celebrating Holidays Together

Both Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet get along very well with Lenny Kravitz.

On their IG accounts, Kravitz and Momoa are constantly praising each other and posting photos of the two together.

In 2015, Ocean Drive Magazine interviewed Zoë about the relationship between her dad and her mother’s new family. She mentioned, “My dad loves and is close with my brother and sister…It’s really beautiful. As long as everyone can be in the same room together, and have love for each other, it’s totally healthy.”Celebrating Holidays Together

Things are so good with everyone that they actually have celebrated Thanksgiving together, too!

Splitting Up with Kravitz

Although things are now amicable between Bonet and her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz, it wasn’t an easy process for Bonet.

Lisa Bonnet has decided to take a step away from Hollywood and do some soul-searching.

It wasn’t just about her fame and career though, the root of this spiritual phase bloomed from her split and divorce with Lenny Kravitz.

She told Entertainment News it was “a very accelerated time, spiritually and intellectually,” since she had the fear of passing the “fresh wound of a divorce” on to Zoë, her daughter.Splitting Up with Kravitz

Bonet had the courage to do something for herself that most people might be too afraid to do.

Who is Lilakoi Moon?

The early ‘90s was a time for soul-searching and healing for Bonet.

While Lenny Kravitz used his heartache to write his album, Mama Said, Bonet actually tried to shy away from the spotlight and keep her privacy. During her healing process, she tried to individualize and reconnect to herself.

Bonet was strong enough to realize what she needed and to act on it. From the process, she decided to legally change her name to something that felt more like her. She chose “Lilakoi Moon”.Who is Lilakoi Moon?

If she prefers to be named Lilakoi Moon, then why do people still refer to her as “Lisa Bonet”?

From Lisa Bonet to Lilakoi Moon to Lisa Bonet

Divorce is one of the most emotionally stressful events someone can go through.

But Bonet was strong enough to take the time she needed to heal, and part of her personal process included her renaming herself to Lilakoi Moon.

When it comes down to acting, though, she goes by “Lisa Bonet”.

She further explained to Entertainment News, “For me it’s not about creating or building a career anymore, you know?”From Lisa Bonet to Lilakoi Moon to Lisa Bonet

She mentioned, “My desire to participate in the business is not to make more crap so I’m really content,” she added, “I have a desire to create more film, more beauty, more art, more love – but I don’t feel desperate.”

A Student of Life

Jason Momoa had his own soul-searching phase that he went through before he married Lisa Bonet.

In fact, that was how he ended up acting, too.

He had a crave to explore the world and, as he mentions in his film Canvas of My Life, “I packed up my life and put it on my back; free to wander. Everywhere from Tibet to France, Italy, Japan, everywhere USA.” He declared his travels made him “a student of life.”A Student of Life

His wanderlust guided him to the path that led him to acting, and eventually, that path led him to capturing his ultimate dream – The love of his life, Lisa Bonet, and his three beautiful children.

Parallel Parenting Skills

By now, it should be no surprise that Bonet and Momoa share so many views in common, but their love is still a rarity.

The two of them are quite different on the surface, but it’s their core values that keep them strong and parallel. Not only values with themselves, but with how they want to raise their children.Parallel Parenting Skills

Momoa is determined to help his kids find “their soul” and “expression of self” and to appreciate mother nature. He has been actively opening his kids to different activities like painting, rock climbing, music, and skate boarding. And Lisa Bonet is all for this!

The Stormy Warrior

Bonet expressed some intense inner-strength with her cherished daughter Zoë, while she was going through her separation from Kravitz.

When discussing the hardship of divorce, Bonet stated, “I think there are probably times when these thresholds can either sink you, or you can see who you are and rise and dust yourself off.”

But, she has proven to be a fierce woman with a strong emotional health and it makes sense that Bonet and Momoa chose such a powerful name for their son.The Stormy Warrior

According to Times Magazine, Bonet has gone into labor during a stormy night. This influenced them to give him the full name of “Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa”, meaning “stormy warrior”.

Your Height is Just a Number

Tall girls might get mad, but some tall guys, for some reasons, seem to have a thing for short girls, right?

Although Momoa was probably shorter than Bonet when he first fell in love at age eight, he eventually caught up and surpassed her. By a lot.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell on television just how big of a height difference there is due to camera angles, but Momoa stands over a foot taller than her!

He is whopping 6’4” while she is a petite 5’2”.Your Height is Just a Number

But it’s clear that their age and height are just numbers they can’t control.

Avoiding Each Other’s Romantic Scenes

As actors, taking part in some steamy love scenes is just the name of the game. Plenty of Hollywood couples have had to put their feelings aside and know that sometimes their profession meant taking part in a few love scenes. Momoa and Bonet are definitely one of those Hollywood couples. But that doesn’t mean they have to watch the love scenes.

Momoa told Entertainment Tonight Canada that he cannot watch Bonet’s romantic scenes, explaining, “I just don’t really want to see certain things .. I love her, it’s our job, but I’ve gotta [separate it].” On the other hand, Bonet once secretly watched Momoa’s love scene with Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones and called it “amazing.”Avoiding Each Other’s Romantic Scenes

And believe it or not, without Momoa’s encouragement, Bonet’s career path would have been completely different.

Sneaking a Peak at Momoa’s “GoT” Love Scene

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa try not to watch each other’s love scenes, but the one time she slipped, it was life-changing.

After Lisa Bonet’s big role on the world-renowned family sitcom The Cosby Show as Denise, she took some time away from the spotlight.

While watching a romantic scene of Game of Thrones with Momoa and Emilia Clarke, Bonet found it amazing and was always really proud of her husband’s work.

Even before then, she looked up to Momoa as an actor. He encouraged Bonet to get back in the game, and helped her “prepare emotionally” for her role on Life on Mars.Sneaking a Peak at Momoa’s “GoT” Love Scene

Talk about an inspiring power couple!

Custom-Made Wedding Gift

Momoa and Bonet are some of the coolest kids on the block who aren’t afraid to express themselves in their own way.

Although they were caught wearing wedding rings long before their marriage, they went beyond the tradition and did something different when they actually tied the knot.

As a wedding gift, Bonet gave Momoa a beautifully custom-made skull necklace.

But what makes the gift even more sentimental and romantic is the fact that it was hand-made by his jewelry designer friend, Judiceal; it took him four years to carve it out.

That means Bonet pre-ordered his gift years in advance!Custom-Made Wedding Gift

She nailed his taste in jewelry, but does she understand his activity preferences?

Who’s the Yogi in the Family?

Lisa Bonet is clearly a lover of nature, spirit, and soul.

From her TV-free home to her Boho-chic attire, it makes sense that she would also be a huge fan of Yoga. She’s actively practicing yoga and has tried to get her husband to jump in and join, too. So far, there hasn’t been much luck – although he’s afraid of heights, he’s more interested in hobbies like rock-climbing.

No worries though, Momoa has accepted his destiny and admitted that eventually he’s “going to have to” do it.Who’s the Yogi in the Family?

We’re not concerned about when this power couple is together, though. But what about when they have to spend time apart?

Going the Distance

These two partners in crime are also both Hollywood superstars, so they understand that long hours and traveling are just part of the job. It’s no shocker that these lovebirds are crazy about each other, so of course it can take a toll on their relationship.

After so many years together, they are still surprising each other with acts of love and kindness.

On Momoa’s 38th birthday, Bonet really outdid herself and surprised him like he never has before.

While he was shooting for Aquaman in Australia, she flew out his closest friends, their children, and herself all the way from L.A. to Queensland!Going the Distance

Jumping Ship and Finding a New Home

Both Momoa and Bonet have tossed ideas back and forth about jumping ship and finding a new home.

Bonet mentioned to Porter Magazine, that although she is considering Costa Rica, this is a thought in the distant future.

Her reasoning? “I don’t think they have an army there. They took that money and put it into education – can you imagine?”

Momoa has suggested for the family to either return to his cherished home-state, Hawaii, or just jumping continents to New ZealandJumping Ship and Finding a New Home

At the end of the day, Bonet is still quite rooted in California. “I’m not quite ready to disappear completely,” she proclaimed.

What is Momoa Like Off Screen?

With Bonet being a coy Scorpio and Momoa an energized Leo, you might wonder how these contrasting signs might get along so well, right?

With Momoa’s fierce and intimidating roles on screen, as Conan the Barbarian, Khal Drogo, and most recently, Aquaman, is he the same off screen?

Bonet reassures to Porter Magazine that he’s a born-leader “of charisma, physique…[and] responsibility”, but also “an alpha male who stands for love and family… [and] a rare form of masculinity in this day and age”.What is Momoa Like Off Screen?

They got together before he became a superstar, but what happened when they decided to team up and actually shoot a movie together?

Scorpio vs. Leo

It’s always fun to learn about astrological signs, especially for couples.

According to Elle Magazine, Scorpios and Leos make a spicy combination! The relationship is typically meant to be a ferocious yet attractive blend mixed with power plays and radiant dynamics.

Elle states: “As business partners and collaborators, you can make a dream team, too. You’re both super intense, outdoing most people with your drive and focus.”

Even astrology agrees that these two are quite the power couple, despite the fact that they’re opposites by nature.Scorpio vs. Leo

Are the two as strong as we claim them to be?

Complementing Attire

Before we dive into what they created together, let’s talk about what was created for them!

On Momoa’s official YouTube page, there is a behind-the-scenes style video of the two getting ready and arriving to the 2019 Oscar Awards.

At the event, the smitten couple wore complementing outfits.

Bonet wore a beautiful gold and light purple-pink gown, while Momoa wore a blush pink.Complementing Attire

Momoa had a “custom” Fendi scrunchy made for him that he wore at the after-party, but what Karl Lagerfeld made for him for the actual event was actually historical.

Momoa’s Custom-Made Suit

Momoa is a man who loves his hair accessories!

“One of our hairstylists at work, on my Apple Show, she gave this [scrunchy] to me, and I freaked out, cause it was beautiful.”

Momoa asked Jeanne Young, one of his stylists, if someone could actually make a suit to match his velvet blush pink suit.

Young managed to get Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi two tailor-make his suit for the award ceremony and after party.

Unfortunately, a few days after Momoa’s fitting, Lagerfeld passed away, making this suit so special since it was actually one of Lagerfeld’s last pieces he has ever created.Momoa’s Custom-Made Suit

Momoa was so appreciative of his work and was honored to wear it.

Children of Mother Earth

Long before they decided to collaborate on work together, they formed a family together.

In 2007, Momoa and Bonet had their first child together, Lola Iolani.

The two really encapsulate and love being parents. They share similar parenting skills and lifestyle which really strengthens their bond as a couple.

We know as Hawaiian native Momoa and nature nurturer Bonet, they have influenced their children to appreciate the earth and the world around them too.

Bonet told Porter Magazine that when someone asked their son Nakoa-Wold “Well, what is life for?”Children of Mother Earth

He responded: “To protect Mother Earth, of course. But God also wants to play with Mother Earth.”

Where Did Momoa Grow Up?

Although Jason Momoa is deeply connected with his heritage and was born in Hawaii, he actually grew up stateside in Iowa.

He actually never thought about being an actor, he had always dreamt of being a father. And as he grew older, his connection to the world and exploring grew, too.

He starts out his film, Canvas of My Life with a voice-over talking about his childhood.

“I was raised in small-town America. Surrounded by hard-work, corn fields, and pigs. My uncles and grandfather were the hunters and the builders of the mid-west.”Where Did Momoa Grow Up?

It’s no wonder he has been so successful playing the role of warriors in his film!

Growing Up Fatherless

In the short-film, he later talks about how great his mother was and how she introduced him to many things he loves now.

Surprisingly enough, Bonet also had grown up without a father. The influence Momoa has had on her relationship with Momoa has really helped her cope with her childhood hardships.

Bonet has admitted that Momoa has filled in a void for when it comes to having a male figure in her life. She told Porter Magazine, “Having an absent father, then to be fully met by a man of that stature, is really incredible.”Growing Up Fatherless

Another sign that they are truly meant to be.

Their First Time on Camera Together

It can be hard to differentiate professional life with personal life, but Momoa had always wanted to collaborate and work with his wife.

In 2014, Jason Momoa wrote, directed, and starred in the movie Road to Paloma.

Bonet played the love interest in the movie, which was surprisingly quite a challenge for the couple to shoot.

You would think that Bonet would have been the one under pressure, but Momoa told Fox News, “It was very nerve wrecking, because that’s your love up there, that’s your family. And, you know, this is our first time being on camera.”Their First Time on Camera Together

What was it actually like working on screen together though?

Whose Music Video Did Bonet Direct?

This actually wasn’t Lisa Bonet’s first time working with her significant other.

In 1989, Lenny Kravitz first released a music video for his song “Let Love Rule”. And guess who was the director?

That’s right! It was Lisa Bonet, herself.

Not only did she direct the music video, she actually contributed and helped write some of the lyrics for a couple songs on that specific album.

Just like how Bonet and Kravitz got together before Kravitz made it big, Momoa and Bonet got together before Momoa became a superstar, too!Whose Music Video Did Bonet Direct?

So, what happened when they teamed up to shoot Momoa’s movie together?

Love is Their Super Power

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa’s quirky relationship is actually super inspiring and heart-warming.

They have shown us that they can conquer age differences, height differences, the hard conditions of acting, and raising a family together.

Even though Momoa was nervous to shoot with his beloved wife, he enthusiastically conveyed to Fox News Magazinethat, “She really lights up the film, I love watching her. She’s a great talent.”Love is Their Super Power

Their love truly is like a superpower and their family has actually connected deeply with his role as superhero, Aquaman.

A Super-Hero Fan Family

With Momoa being a huge family man, and Bonet devoting about a decade to being an incredible stay-at-home mother, the entire family is tight-knit and strong.

Jason Momoa has been a big superhero fan for a while, and his whole family has become superfans too!

Momoa mentioned in an interview with Sirius XM that his kids were living on set with him while shooting Aquaman in Australia. But even before there were “Little Momoas” running around on set, the kids got very excited for his role on Justice League.

While their daughter Lola’s favorite is Wonder-Woman and their son’s Nakoa’s favorite is Batman, there’s no doubts in our mind that Bonet’s favorite is AquamanA Super-Hero Fan Family

Against all odds, this power couple have shown us that their quirky family is one to aspire to.

Protecting Their Cubs

As far as it comes to spending time with family, both Momoa and Bonet share the same views. They’ve tried to create a trusting space for their children and do whatever they can to protect them. Both Momoa and Bonet try to keep drama, negativity, or the hardships of their work life away from the kids.

Momoa mentioned to Us Weekly, “I can really care less about myself; I just want to always stay papa to them. They don’t see that version of me and I like that — I like being able to keep it so I’m just papa bear.”Protecting Their Cubs

What about Zoë?

Praising Her Daughter

Jason Momoa is known as “Papa Bear” to all his kids, and it’s no question that Lisa Bonet is just as loving as a mama bear. Bonet shared her praise for her daughter Zoë and how she’s grown to be an incredible young woman with Us Weekly.

“For a parent to have a child out in our insane world and not have to worry about her other than the general ‘may she always be protected’ — in terms of her making decisions for herself, I feel completely at ease with that, and that’s such a great thing.”Praising Her Daughter

A new member was just added to this amazing family, too!

A New Family Member

In June 2019, a new member was added to the Bonet-Kravitz-Momoa family.

Zoë Kravitz married up and coming actor, Karl Glusman, and they are just as romantic as Bonet and Momoa!

The rehearsal dinner was filled with love from close friends and family at the restaurant Lapérouse, co-owned by Grégory Lentz. “Any room with Lenny and Jason and Denzel in it, well… was crazy and insane. There was so much love in the room.” Lentz told People Magazine.A New Family Member

You will never believe the photo that Glusman posted on his Instagram account to celebrate and praise his wife.

A Tribute to Being Just Married

Their magnificent wedding took place in her father’s beautiful rock-n-roll mansion in Paris, France and the two lovebirds have just been gushing with love.

About a month after the ceremony, Zoë’s new husband had posted a picture of the two of them dancing. The photo is a close of special costume-made jacket he wore, featuring an illustrated image of Zoë in a heart shape surrounded by clouds in the sky and two red roses. Below the illustration reads “Just Married”. How cute?

And to make it even cuter, the IG caption reads as “I believe our stars were written before we met, “Karl + Zoë, ride or die into the sunset…”

Talk about relationship goals – Kravitz and Glusman might be giving her parents a run for their A Tribute to Being Just Married

But how do they feel about their new son-in-law?

Getting the Parents Approval

Let’s face it, most people want their parents to approve their significant other. It’s clear that Lenny Kravitz approves of the marriage, considering the wedding took place at his mansion. But how do Bonet and Momoa feel about it?

Jason Momoa shared with People that, “Zoë is a beautiful human being” and he enthusiastically and whole-heartedly approves of Karl Glusman as her husband.Getting the Parents Approval

If we’ve learned anything about Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, it’s that they are both open, compassionate people who love to bring love and positivity into their lives. The family is happy to have Glusman as a new addition, and we’re sure they’re excited for even more additions!

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