COVID-19 Spike in Atlanta: Kemp Says Televised Protests and Summer Holidays Caused the Surge

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During summer, Georgia witnessed a spike in COVID-19 cases, with approximately 3,500 cases being reported daily. The White House introduced a congressional coronavirus crisis oversight panel whose job was to determine why a few states including Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma and Georgia had not followed federal recommendations to contain the spread of coronavirus. As a result of the summer probe, Gov. Kemp wrote a letter to the White House, blaming the televised protests and other events for the surge.

Here’s a detailed look at the contents of his letter:

The state’s response to COVID-19

In his letter, Gov. Kemp highlighted his government’s quick response to the pandemic in February when they launched the Coronavirus Task Force. He stated that they were able to flatten the curve with successful measures. However, “summer holidays coupled with televised protests” made people complacent and prompted them to let their guard down. This led to a sudden increase in the COVID-19 cases, and the government extended its public health emergency.

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The Aug 12 letter also highlights Georgia’s progress thereon. Gov. Brian Kemp wrote that there has been a 10% drop in hospitalizations, lower positivity rates, and increased COVID-19 testing.

He said. “Georgia has dramatically ramped up the testing with 20,000 more tests per day” and “state officials continue to deliver masks, hand sanitizers, foggers, and PPE to communities so school superintendents and boards can provide the necessary resources to keep teachers and students safe.” With these hopeful markers, Kemp sounded confident his government would be able to contain the spread of the virus.

Note to critics

Gov. Brian Kemp ended his letter to the White House with a note to his opponents who he thinks have tried to use the current situation to their benefit. He said, “Over the last several months, many have tried to exploit this pivotal moment for personal or political gain. Frankly, it is sad and disappointing. People are dying, businesses are hurting, and most Americans are concerned about what the future holds.” He continued, “Now is not the time for petty games or hidden agendas. We must set our differences aside and work together to overcome the challenges before us.”

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