Breaking Down Luke Combs’ Net Worth

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock (10472108bo) Luke Combs 53rd Annual CMA Awards, Arrivals, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, USA - 13 Nov 2019

QUICK ANSWER: Despite being new to the larger professional scene, Luke Combs has a net worth of $5 million. This is comprised of earnings from album sales, downloads, and sponsorship deals.

Luke Combs is a country music star who has reached significant success in his career rather quickly. He is known for his rich, low-toned vocals and friendly demeanor, which has helped to move him to the top of the charts in country music. Combs’ fans enjoy his hit songs “Hurricane” and “She Got the Best of Me.” These soulful songs are beloved among his fans and offer a welcome contrast to some of the more rowdy country music that comes out of Nashville.

Luke Combs biography

Rise to Fame

Luke Combs has accomplished much in his music career in a short time and is a young musician. He was born in 1990 and was raised in North Carolina. As a child, he knew he wanted to pursue music professionally and performed as a vocalist throughout his high school years. Combs did attend college briefly, but eventually dropped out and moved to Nashville to cultivate this music career.

In 2014, Combs began making a name for himself in the country music industry with his EP “The Way She Rides.” He released another EP titled “Can I Get an Outlaw” later that year and the hit single from the EP, “Hurricane” quickly climbed the charts. “Hurricane” soon reached the number one spot on the country music charts and became a fan favorite.

Luke Combs released his debut album “This One’s For You” in June 2017. The project was a hit right away. Singles included hits like “One Number Away” and “When It Rains It Pours.” This accomplishment made it clear that Combs was on the path to becoming one of the most popular country music stars; his concerts also started selling out across the U.S.

Continued Success

In 2018, Luke Combs released his debut album again and added new songs for his fans to enjoy. One of the new songs on the album, “Beautiful Crazy” was a standout hit. The song charted quickly and was played often on country music radio stations. Combs has also been successful as a crossover artist, since easy listening and pop radio stations play his songs as well.

Luke Combs country music

Combs stands out among other newer country artists, even though his career has only been established for a few years. According to recent reports, Combs has more music downloads and streams than almost any other singer in country music. Luke Combs even has more streams and downloads than Dan + Shea and Chris Stapleton.

All of Luke Combs’ album sales, downloads, positive press and streams have made him an impressive amount of money. As of 2020, Combs’ net worth is about $5 million. This is very impressive, since Combs is a newcomer to the industry and only released his debut album two years ago.

Early Life

Combs was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. When he was 8, his family moved to Asheville, North Carolina. He’s been singing since he was a child. Combs attended A.A. Reynolds High School, where he played football and performed in several vocal groups. He even performed a solo at Carnegie Hall while in high school. Combs later attended Appalachian State University. While in college, he played his first country music show at Parthenon Café. Combs decided to leave college to become a full-time country singer when he had only a month left in his senior year. Shortly after leaving college, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Young Luke Combs

Professional Accolades

Combs received one of the biggest honors in country music in June 2019. He was invited to the Grand Ole Opry. Even though this was a huge accomplishment and Combs has accomplished a lot in his short career, he is known for being a humble celebrity. During a recent interview, Luke Combs emphasized the importance of treating people with respect and credits his parents for teaching him this lesson, since it has contributed to his success.

Combs claimed that one of the best parts of being a celebrity is having the opportunity to show appreciation to his parents by taking them on vacations to places they’ve never been and taking financial stress off them.

Combs has also stated that he doesn’t feel pressure to rush the release of his albums. He’s been teasing his fans with samples of new music on social media. However, Combs has not yet announced a release date for his EP or new album.

Nominations and Awards

In 2017, Luke Combs was nominated by the CMT Music Awards for Breakthrough Video of the Year for his song “Hurricane.” That same year, he was nominated for New Artist of the Year by the Country Music Association.

Luke Combs awards

In 2018, Combs’ song “Hurricane” was nominated for Country Song of the Year by the iHeartRadio Music Awards. He won the iHeartRadio Music Awards New Country Artist of the Year in 2018 as well. 2018 was also the year that the Billboard Music Awards nominated Combs for Top Country Artist and Top Country Album for “This One’s For You.”

The following year, Luke Combs won Top Country Artist, Top Country Male Artist and Top Country Album at the Billboard Music Awards. He was also awarded the Male Vocalist of the Year and Song of the Year for “Beautiful Crazy” in 2019 by the Country Music Association Awards.

Country Music and Gender Roles

Luke Combs has also been a topic of discussion in terms of the role that gender plays in country music success. It has long been said that Nashville prioritizes the careers of men without fully and consistently acknowledging the creativity of women in the country music industry. While Luke Combs is a talented musician, some country music fans have also pointed out that Miranda Lambert is just as talented but hasn’t gotten proper recognition.

Luke Combs

Country music has a familiar format that gives the reader a list of scenes or scenarios to create a story. The music gives a picture of rural life and the pain and pleasure associated with living in a small town, trying to maintain a sometimes-dysfunctional relationship, finding freedom, enjoying nature and honoring family memories.

Luke Combs’ second major-label album “What You See Is What You Get” made him one of country music’s fastest rising stars in the past two years. He is also known for songs like “Refrigerator Door” which is a nostalgic song and “Blue Collar Boys,” which is a friendly anthem for country boys.

In comparison, Miranda Lambert released the song “It All Comes Out in the Wash” which is a bold tune celebrating the fact that women are wonderful but imperfect. In the song, Lambert talks about everything from eating junk food to getting drunk and getting “knocked up.” These subjects are usually taboo for women to discuss in word or song. However, these subjects are usually more palatable to listeners if a man is singing the lyrics.

While country music can be seen as cliché by some in terms of lyrical content, Combs and Lambert approach their music differently. Music critics, feminists and even country music fans believe that the difference in approach as a lot to do with the gender of the two artists.

Luke Combs Beer Never Broke My Heart

Combs sometimes exemplifies the notion that country music praises male artists more, although this is by no fault of his own. For 50 weeks, his debut “The One’s For You” held the top spot on the Billboard country album chart. Some country music critics and fans believe that Combs was able to take advantage of the male privilege that exists in the genre and helped to bring country back to these “roots” while reviving the arena-rock country style of country music that was popular in the 1990s.

Lambert, on the other hands, has a more thoughtful and intentional approach to being a creative country singer. She makes riskier music and doesn’t put excessive limitations on herself in terms of her performance and lyrical content.

All of Luke Combs’ seven singles have reached the Billboard country music charts since 2016. Lambert has had seven singles that made the Top 3 spot on the charts as well, but it took her six years to accomplish this goal.

These observations indicate that while Combs’ success is not something he earned without being talented, Lambert and some other talented women in country music don’t usually experience the quick success Combs has enjoyed.

Luke Combs on stage

Recent News

In 2019, Luke Combs took over a month off, which was surprising to fans since he is in the initial stages of his career and is currently touring, recording and writing. However, Combs said that his break was well-deserved, since he’s been working hard and was having a hard time living in the moment as a result of working so hard.

During a radio interview, Combs stated that he’d taken six weeks off, and that this was the first time he’d had a break since he signed his record deal. He also shares that while he wanted to relax at home and get some much needed rest, he was thinking of ways to continue making his mark in music contemplating his upcoming songwriting ventures. However, he did use his short vacation to catch up with his high school friends and spend time with his fiancé.

Combs has an extensive list of tour dates starting December 5 in Louisiana and will be touring for most of 2020.

Combs also shared that he hasn’t truly wrapped his head around all the things that have gone right for him since he released his debut single “Hurricane” in 2016. He says that his life doesn’t seem real to him at times and that he’s grateful for all the things that have happened to him in his career.

Luke Combs started dating Nicole Hocking in 2016. The two became engaged in November 2018. Fans are waiting to hear when the two will tie the knot.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock (10472108bo) Luke Combs 53rd Annual CMA Awards, Arrivals, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, USA – 13 Nov 2019

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