Courtney Love says she and ‘wealthy friends’ have had ‘elitist’ access to Covid tests for six months

Adam White-Tue, December 22, 2020, 6:54 AM EST

Courtney Love has condemned “elitism” after revealing she and “many of her wealthy friends” have been using at-home Covid-19 tests for more than six months.

The Hole frontwoman posted an image of a negative coronavirus test to her Instagram, before admitting that she feels uncomfortable with “one percenter s***”.

“I love myself some fine living, but in the end I bleed liberal, I wish I didn’t sometimes, maybe it’s not liberal, maybe it’s humanist,” Love captioned the image. “I have and many of my wealthy friends have had access to Covid test kits for over six months.”

Love added that she “gets furious” that similar tests are currently unavailable to those unable to afford them.

“I get furious that these are not available at every Tesco and at every 7/11 in both of my countries (and globally too) for five bucks or even 20,” Love wrote. “With this new strain of Covid-19, 70 per cent more ‘catchy’ than the last, we all need this testing capacity more than ever. ALL OF US. ALL OF US!!!”

Love joked that she worried she’ll be “tossed out of the ‘club’ for posting this”, before adding: “I’ve never been all that comfortable with my own elitism, especially in the area of public health. You ALL DESERVE TO HAVE A BOX OF TESTS IN YOUR FRIDGE! I keep asking why the f*** you don’t.”

Love dedicated her post to actor and activist Jane Fonda, writing “This one’s for you”, while hashtagging sentences including “But I want to be an aristocrat” and “Too liberal for my own good”.

Scientists confirmed this week (21 December) the existence of a variant strain of the coronavirus, dubbed VUI-202012/01. It is believed to have a 70 per cent higher transmission rate than other forms of the virus.

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